Friday, 12 February 2010

A More Professional Look

I thought i would show you how the Studio is looking now as the covered paste tables have been replaced with these lovely shelves - it makes the space look much more Studio and much less Craft Fair .

January has been a quiet month - I think the snow pushed us all deeper into hibernation but now as the days grow longer it seems more people are out and about . The snow pictures were taken by Pete- I only ventured out as far as the bird table in the back garden.

Gallery 12a's latest exhibition is Rama Ramski' paintings and Sarah Villeneau's Ceramics.

and now it's time for coffee and toast !


  1. Your display is looking fabulous, Chris!

  2. Your studio just keeps getting more and more fab! I also need to apologies, I just realised I used your blog title for a heading in my own blog >insert embarrassed smillie here< Please take it as a compliment
    Diana :)

  3. Thanks Lesley :-)
    Diana I thought it sounded familiar but the penny didn't drop xx

  4. Am loving the pics and the new layout in the studio xxx