Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Look what a student made

I thought I would let you see a necklace made by one of my students -isn't it lovely? Yvonne is so pleased with it she's now making a matching bracelet as well as working on this week's project which is a Peyote bracelet. I will take photos next week so you can see how her skills develop and progress. And of course she said what they all do "It looks as good as one of yours" to which i reply "And why shouldn't it ? "
Added a  close up for Mick to see - I plan to sell packs with instructions  and all the beads you need to make one of these for yourself



  1. That really does look lovely :) I would love to see a closer picture of it.


  2. Thanks Mick I added a close up for you to see - the real beauty of this is revealed once it is worn though as it looks like a garland