Saturday, 26 March 2011

I need help lol

I have just set up a new  category on my website and don't really know what to call it so for now it's Zippety Doo Da!  I want it to be a  place to add cheer you up bargains and specials- and let's face it with all the doom and gloom right now we need a little TLC and cheering up - today's offerings are Amethyst Focal necklaces at a great gloom busting price. Click here  to go to  Zippety Doo Da part of my online shop

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wakefield Artwalk

Wednesday 30 March is the date of the next Artwalk in Wakefield and Westgate Studios,  where I am now based will be opening its doors to the public.
The Artwalk happens once every 2 months and is a great night out as many art organisations open their doors and put on special exhibitions. I will be on bar duty from 5pm and will be opening my studio at half past 5 and it will be the first time I have had visitors in there ( NOTE TO SELF: Better get tidied up then ) It would be lovely to see you there!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Spring is springing in my garden

I love my garden and although it is small I have colour in it all year around- check out the colours found there today- all the photos were taken by Pete
And here is a quick view of a bracelet I made during the winter to remind me of garden flowers

Monday, 7 March 2011

Chakra bracelet

Double drilled pieces of Quartz Crystal are teamed up with an array of semi precious beads to create this awesome chakra bracelet
The stones are
Quartz crystal
It measures 7 and a half inches and costs £28
Click here to buy it

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Don't you just love connecting!

Yesterday I went to Sheffield to a Bead Fair organised by Celia of Jencel. I planned for it to be a quick visit (Yeh yeh i know lol) but I really was determined. I was about to leave when I got a call from Tina, a Ceramicist I know who is based in Doncaster. After 5 minutes of chat she said "Well the reason I 'm ringing is to see if you fancied this Bead fair happening in Sheffield" at which point I laughed and told her I was just about to leave it but would hang on if she didn't plan to be long.

15 minutes later we were sitting having coffee when Aminah arrived - she also lives in Doncaster and is one of my students. Of course it was lovely to see her and I introduced both of them to each other - at which point Aminah informed us that she was in fact about to contact Tina - small worlds and wonderful connections don't you agree? Needless to say I was late home :)

 I think I forgot to tell you way back though about the kits that Jencel sells - one of them is this bracelet which I designed and the kit is available in 3 colour combinations -  you can see all the kits here