Sunday, 6 March 2011

Don't you just love connecting!

Yesterday I went to Sheffield to a Bead Fair organised by Celia of Jencel. I planned for it to be a quick visit (Yeh yeh i know lol) but I really was determined. I was about to leave when I got a call from Tina, a Ceramicist I know who is based in Doncaster. After 5 minutes of chat she said "Well the reason I 'm ringing is to see if you fancied this Bead fair happening in Sheffield" at which point I laughed and told her I was just about to leave it but would hang on if she didn't plan to be long.

15 minutes later we were sitting having coffee when Aminah arrived - she also lives in Doncaster and is one of my students. Of course it was lovely to see her and I introduced both of them to each other - at which point Aminah informed us that she was in fact about to contact Tina - small worlds and wonderful connections don't you agree? Needless to say I was late home :)

 I think I forgot to tell you way back though about the kits that Jencel sells - one of them is this bracelet which I designed and the kit is available in 3 colour combinations -  you can see all the kits here


  1. Oooh that bracelet looks very effective, great to be able to make that up from one of the kits :)