Sunday, 1 May 2011

Artist In Residence Part 1 - Setting Up

Wow what an amazing time I had at Burton Agnes Hall- I had planned to blog whilst I was there but the WiFi signal was too weak to do much at all. During my two weeks residency I met some amazing people and just hope I get selected next year
The video shows the Summer House on Day 1 as it began to take shape - as ever I played around with the display every day . Whenever I do my little videos I just prattle on scriptless so apologies now for my ramblings and my wierd intonations haha

PS For my friends across the pond- Yorkshire folk often miss out "the" in fact many don't use the word at all


  1. To say I envy you your two weeks at B.A. would be an understatement!! Will be good to 'catch up' .

  2. Sheila it was magical xx we have the meeting next week although they are not the best way to catch up are they? I have some more videos and photos to blog about and will add them over the next few days