Monday, 12 March 2012

The Blackbird

Cradling a mug of tea
Watching the sunrise
Eye to eye with the blackbird
We concurred
To build a new nest

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Sunshine blue skies
watching the clouds
Calm seas, rough seas
And waves crashing down
pebbles and gravel swishing around
Flowers, trees, lichen and moss
butterflies, bees and birds in full song
The smell of the earth with its array of tones
Laughter, smiles
Deep conversations, chewing the fat
Silence, peacefulness
and music full blast
Wise words, soft words
all words full stop
Knowledge, knowing
growing, progressing
and moving ahead
Memories of life
Contentment with now
and dreaming ahead

©  Chris Linacre 11 March 2012

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Creating memories

For one single moment
my heart sank as I stood on that spot
where ideas were formulated
My first time alone there
a flash of sadness at what was lost
But then other memories came flooding back
Of bubble costumes
and sand between the toes
and thighs scratched by donkey's flanks
and ice creams dripping down my arm
and Pacamacs and rain hoods
which also scratched
and first dates -  two in fact.
Older and allegedly wiser now
I recognise that this is a tapestry
On which to weave my new memories
And already some are being woven in there
Of places and people
And friendship
I will dig deep into my box
and find the brightest most vibrant threads
and choose them wisely
Not rushing to create a scene
But building it slowly and surely
And eternally
© Christine Rose Linacre 8 March 2012

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Being Brave

This week I face the biggest challenge of my life
and all else before it pales into insignificance
I am humbled by the amazing support of my family and friends
And the insight and love from Spirit
Who have never failed me
I greet the week with the heart of a lion
And a Spirit which is boundless
I am fearless
And secure in the  knowledge
That ahead is the rest of my awesome life
which will be filled with love and happiness
I have earned that right
And I will claim it
With arms and heart wide open
© Christine Rose Linacre 4 March 2012