Thursday, 17 January 2013

Pay it Forward for mind

Firstly apologies for being so inactive on my blog and for being so late in announcing my plans for 2013. However let me get this little project off the ground and then I can play catch up with you all.
My plans for 2013 are to raise funds for mind, the UK Mental Health Charity. With this in mind (pun intended of course) I have set up a Just Giving Page.
Here is how it works...
  • I will post items I am donating here on my blog
  • the first person to comment on the blog* and request it will be the one who gets it provided that they...
  • pay me  for postage costs and make a donation on my Just Giving Page
  • Once you have paid for postage and made a donation I will post the item to you
  • I will indicate what I would sell the item for and suggest a minimum but you will donate what you can afford
  • If the deal has gone and you would like me to make you something similar let me know and I will but that will be offered as a sale rather than as Pay it Forward
So here is my first offering up for grabs
This is a burnished silver plated bangle with two Picture Jasper stones - I sold these at £10 and I feel a minimum donation of £5 would be appropriate. Postage and packaging will be £2 in the UK and £3 worldwide.
* Comments will not show until I have approved them so you may not be first in the queue
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  1. This is a great idea, can I put my name in the hat ? Jo

  2. Jo it's not a raffle- if you want this you just need to go make a donation on the Just Giving Page and then I can send you details of how to pay the postage and it can be yours :) I need to reword it as I think it may a bit misleading silly me

  3. Happy New Year Chris!
    What a lovely idea.
    Sadly I don't have an internet paying account (I don't buy online) so can't participate. But I still think it's a great thing to do. Generous. Cheers,

  4. Hey Jan and good to hear from you - I have another angle to this which I haven't revealed yet so if you email me an address to send post I can let you join in another way - hope all is well at Westgate Studios so miss being there x